BY insidewo ON August 4th, 2016

Take note of these blow-by-blow facts on why you should start wearing those boxing gloves. Sports is an entertainment for most of us – one way to enjoy free time. Sports is intertwined with health and fitness. Engaging in any kind of sports is already equivalent to a session in the gym. Our friends over (More…)

The Tough Ladies of Sports: Boxing Divas

BY insidewo ON August 18th, 2013

The history of women’s boxing can be difficult to trace because there have been long periods of opposition and the inability for women to box professionally. The first traces of women’s golf can be seen in London during the 1720′s. This sport did have women competing against each other but elbows, scratching, knees, and other (More…)

My Mom Can Beat Your Mom Any Night

BY insidewo ON May 31st, 2013

Women’s boxing is a growing sport around the world. There are plenty of strong, athletic women who are able to withstand the rigors of boxing training. Some of them even become good enough to go professional. There are many local gyms and clubs where women can train for boxing if they have the desire. Trainers (More…)

Fight Night: May the Best Women Win

BY insidewo ON March 24th, 2013

For much of its history, boxing was a man’s sport. Men fought in the rings, coached the boxers and cheered on their favorite fighters in smoky halls and bars. These women are changing that atmosphere, showing that girls can throw a punch and make an impact on the sport. Ann Wolfe This female fighter finished (More…)

Talking Trash: Let Them Fight it Out in the Ring

BY insidewo ON June 13th, 2012

People have been talking about the Mayweather vs Pacquiao fight for decades so it seems and people are dying to see who the true pound for pound champion is. However, the trash talking from Mayweather’s side and the constant talks about how the fight “needs” to happen has really caused a problem in boxing. It (More…)

Learning the Ropes of the Women’s Boxing Arena

BY insidewo ON August 26th, 2011

One of the fastest growing sports for women, nationally and globally, is women’s boxing. Highly popular in states, such as California and many others, where hundreds of gyms cater to women that want to pound each other around the ring, competitively for five rounds or that just want an intense daily workout to burn-off calories (More…)

How Much Money Do Women Boxers Make?

BY insidewo ON August 24th, 2011

Female boxers have yet to catch up with their male counterparts in terms of pay. Since women’s boxing has been unsuccessful at reaching the masses on a saturated level the pay for female boxers varies greatly depending on weight class, record and match-ups. While the same can be said for male boxers, the championship purses (More…)

Who Qualifies to Get Into the Women’s Boxing Ring?

BY insidewo ON August 20th, 2011

Boxing has always been a popular sport, throughout the world. However, it has, and still is, a sport that is primarily dominated by men. The theory is that higher testosterone levels in men are what drive them to be interested in fighting sports, such as boxing. However, women will find that boxing provides them with (More…)

What to do when your daughter wants to box…

BY insidewo ON July 5th, 2011

So your daughter says she wants to be a boxer and you’re just not sure you know where to start. Whether you’re terrified she’ll get hurt or just not sure who to talk to we’ve got a few suggestions for you to make her first boxing foray a good one. Sit Down and Watch: It’s (More…)

The Differences Between Men’s and Women’s Boxing Rules

BY insidewo ON June 20th, 2011

There are not a lot of differences between the boxing men’s and women’s boxing rules. The biggest areas that are different are in the equipment and pre-fight regulations that women have then men do not. When it comes to protection, female fighters wear both a groin protector and breast protectors. Men wear groin protection but (More…)