The Differences Between Men’s and Women’s Boxing Rules

BY insidewo ON June 20th, 2011

There are not a lot of differences between the boxing men’s and women’s boxing rules. The biggest areas that are different are in the equipment and pre-fight regulations that women have then men do not. When it comes to protection, female fighters wear both a groin protector and breast protectors. Men wear groin protection but not breast protection and both groups of fighters are required to wear a mouth piece.

Female boxers also have more rules about what is required. For example, female fighters are not allowed to wear cosmetics or makeup duringa fight.Confused?  Their hair is also required to be secured with soft and non-abrasive materials. All female boxers have to provide a negative pregnancy test before they are allowed to fight, which is obviously something men do not have to do.

Male professional fights can last anywhere from 4 to 12 rounds. Female fights are limited to a maximum of 10 rounds. Both fights are 3 minute rounds with a one minute rest period in between rounds. The weight classes for female boxing are still the same as male boxing. Female boxers at 147 pounds and below use 8 oz. gloves just like in male boxing. Fighters over 147 pounds use 10 oz. gloves in both sports.