Learning the Ropes of the Women’s Boxing Arena

BY insidewo ON August 26th, 2011

One of the fastest growing sports for women, nationally and globally, is women’s boxing.
Highly popular in states, such as California and many others, where hundreds of gyms cater to women that want to pound each other around the ring, competitively for five rounds or that just want an intense daily workout to burn-off calories and build-up stamina, women’s boxing is enjoying a huge surge of interest.
Whether boxing for fun or boxing for competition, one of the major features that appeal to women is learning the fundamentals. The fundamentals include foot and hand placement, foot and hand movement,throwing punches with enough force to knock an opponent down, hitting the s More..

How Much Money Do Women Boxers Make?

BY insidewo ON August 24th, 2011

Female boxers have yet to catch up with their male counterparts in terms of pay. Since women’s boxing has been unsuccessful at reaching the masses on a saturated level the pay for female boxers varies greatly depending on weight class, record and match-ups. While the same can be said for male boxers, the championship purses are not comparable.
A female boxer just beginning can probably look to earn between 200-400 dollars a fight. Again this varies on the area fighting, the weight class, record and match-ups.I was looking for more information and found it here. Relative unknown male boxers can secure between 2,000-5,000 with the same factors weighing their ring va More..

Who Qualifies to Get Into the Women’s Boxing Ring?

BY insidewo ON August 20th, 2011

Boxing has always been a popular sport, throughout the world. However, it has, and still is, a sport that is primarily dominated by men. The theory is that higher testosterone levels in men are what drive them to be interested in fighting sports, such as boxing. However, women will find that boxing provides them with some excellent benefits.
Women may, in fact, feel a little awkward when informing people that they are taking up boxing. People draw these assumptions, based on cultural roles, that women are not supposed to fight. However, they should not let this perception stop them. Women, who take up boxing will find that the sport is not completely about fighting. Sure, the oppo More..