Who Qualifies to Get Into the Women’s Boxing Ring?

BY insidewo ON August 20th, 2011

Boxing has always been a popular sport, throughout the world. However, it has, and still is, a sport that is primarily dominated by men. The theory is that higher testosterone levels in men are what drive them to be interested in fighting sports, such as boxing. However, women will find that boxing provides them with some excellent benefits.

Women may, in fact, feel a little awkward when informing people that they are taking up boxing. People draw these assumptions, based on cultural roles, that women are not supposed to fight. However, they should not let this perception stop them. Women, who take up boxing will find that the sport is not completely about fighting. Sure, the opponents are attempting to knock each other out, but it is not anything like a street fight. Boxers have to follow specific rules, which lowers the chances of someone being seriously hurt, or killed in the ring. Boxing, today has become more of a cardiovascular sport, opposed to a game centered around knocking out an opponent. Women will find that this is a lot more exciting than exercising on machines. They will also learn methods of self-defense, which can be used when they are alone in public. Women will develop a great deal of confidence by taking up boxing.