Learning the Ropes of the Women’s Boxing Arena

BY insidewo ON August 26th, 2011

One of the fastest growing sports for women, nationally and globally, is women’s boxing.
Highly popular in states, such as California and many others, where hundreds of gyms cater to women that want to pound each other around the ring, competitively for five rounds or that just want an intense daily workout to burn-off calories and build-up stamina, women’s boxing is enjoying a huge surge of interest.

Whether boxing for fun or boxing for competition, one of the major features that appeal to women is learning the fundamentals. The fundamentals include foot and hand placement, foot and hand movement,throwing punches with enough force to knock an opponent down, hitting the speed and the heavy bags and of course, the grueling roadwork, the five or ten mile runs while throwing punches and boxing an imaginary opponent.

For women in the boxing gym looking for good health and a rigorous workout, sparring, actually climbing in the ring with an opponent and boxing, is an option. For those women looking to box competively and fighting in the amatuer or professional ranks, sparring is not an option. It must be done and done daily to sharpen the hand skills and the punching power.