Talking Trash: Let Them Fight it Out in the Ring

BY insidewo ON June 13th, 2012

People have been talking about the Mayweather vs Pacquiao fight for decades so it seems and people are dying to see who the true pound for pound champion is. However, the trash talking from Mayweather’s side and the constant talks about how the fight “needs” to happen has really caused a problem in boxing. It seems as if the fighters only will fight those that they “want” to fight and this is mainly towards Mayweather’s side. He has constantly talked about how he wants to protect his health because he knows that it is a dangerous fight.

As a fighter, he will always be in danger and it makes no sense for him to say what he said. It virtually just showed that he is scared of Manny Pacquiao. Why would he agree to fight fighters like Miguel Cotto but then blatantly say that he does not want to get hurt if he fights Manny. Though this is a compliment to Manny Pacquiao, this is a disgrace to the sport. There has never been a fight that has been this big without it even happening. If the fight between the two was ever to happen, it would literally be a huge payout for both parties and it should be enough to pay for Mayweather’s hospital bills after the fight.