Fight Night: May the Best Women Win

BY insidewo ON March 24th, 2013

For much of its history, boxing was a man’s sport. Men fought in the rings, coached the boxers and cheered on their favorite fighters in smoky halls and bars. These women are changing that atmosphere, showing that girls can throw a punch and make an impact on the sport.

Ann Wolfe

This female fighter finished her career with an incredible record of 24 wins and just one loss. Her knockout of Vanda Ward is widely regarded as the best knockout ever in the history of female fighting, and Wolfe has held titles in the light heavyweight, super middleweight, junior middleweight and middleweight divisions all at the same time.

Christy Martin

Martin helped popularize female fighters and was a true pioneer of boxing. Her bob and weave style helped her finish her career with 32 knockouts, 49 wins, 5 draws and just 3 losses. Martin held belts in the super middleweight, junior middleweight and middleweight divisions.

Laila Ali

It is no surprise that Muhammad Ali’s daughter was one of the greatest female fighters of all time. Ali had her dad’s good footwork and fast hands, and she retired from boxing with a perfect record fo 24 wins, 21 of them resulting from knockouts.