My Mom Can Beat Your Mom Any Night

BY insidewo ON May 31st, 2013

Women’s boxing is a growing sport around the world. There are plenty of strong, athletic women who are able to withstand the rigors of boxing training. Some of them even become good enough to go professional. There are many local gyms and clubs where women can train for boxing if they have the desire. Trainers are always looking for talented new women to work with for fighting. There’s a lot of work involved in boxing training including sparring, heavy bag work, running, and more. Female boxers are in tremendous shape. The amount of female boxers is growing each year due to an increased interest in the sport among women.

You may never know when your friend’s mom is an experienced boxer. Maybe you could encourage your own mom to take up the sport if she has good balance and cardiovascular abilities. It may be funny to see your mothers go at it in the ring. You might have permanent bragging rights over your friend if your mom beats his mom in a sparring contest. There’s only one way to find out which mom reigns supreme. Get your mothers into the ring today and see what happens when women’s boxing takes hold of them.